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Broken Hearts

September 25, 2010
By Inkheart GOLD, Cape Coral, Florida
Inkheart GOLD, Cape Coral, Florida
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Jesus Loves You

Silver river
Flowing waters
Heartbeat of the forest
Reflections that quiver

Silently leaves fall down
Red and green
Of forest hues
Tumbling to the ground

Memories collect the dew
Tears of the morning
Rain of the dawn
Droplets of the purest blue

Morning light
When sun awakes
Streaming though the trees
To chase away the night

Birds begin their songs
To welcome in the day
No voice is heard alike
When fairies dance along

An eagle spreads it's wings
To gather for the day
Up into the skies it soars
Where wind must start to sing

Flowers come to greet the day
Gracefully their petals spread
Drinking in the warm sunlight Colors beyond what speech can say

Where things do not break, but bend
Peaceful land of serenity
Touched by the hand of God
Where broken hearts begin to mend.

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