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The Storm of The Year

August 30, 2010
By thecrystalbudz PLATINUM, Cincinnati, Ohio
thecrystalbudz PLATINUM, Cincinnati, Ohio
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I fought through the storm of the year,
thinking that your love was real,
but I always knew in the back of my head
that you don't even know how to feel.

After you told me everything you did,
you became my greatest fear.
You didn't even know it,
but you became my greatest fear.

I didn't want to get hurt by you anymore,
but I was afraid to get my things and leave.
Because I remember the night when you said you'd kill me.
It was serious enough to make me believe.

We were together for a long time,
but I couldn't live that life anymore.
I grew tired of the pain and anxiety.
Knew it was time, deep down in my core.

So that night when you got drunk
and decided to disrespect me again,
I told myself that the time has come,
the time has come for this to end.

I wanted our marriage to work out
because I gave up everything for you.
In the end I saw it coming,
the part where I found out you didn't love me too.

I should have known it from day one
because with you, I never felt free.
But, I stopped blaming myself after leaving
because even your biggest winds can't destroy me.

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