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Tell me my Truth

August 29, 2010
By surviver101 GOLD, Houston, Texas
surviver101 GOLD, Houston, Texas
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I look in the mirror
A beautiful girl stares back
She’s smiling at me
But not one of genuineness
More like the one that says
“I’m smiling its okay,
Just don’t ask me how I feel, I’ll lie anyway.”
Besides the warning I asked “What’s the matter”
She told me, “I trust to tell you,
But you mustn’t tell anyone else”

“I was hurt by this man and woman
So close to me they created me, in every way
They formed a war
Stabbing one another in the back
‘Stop’ I yelled, but no one heard me
I jumped in the middle, and they beat me to the ground”
I see a tear fall from her eye
But before it rolled down her cheek, she bellowed
“I got up, looked at her told her everything’s alright
And in the tight embrace of our hug I stabbed her back.
Now I’m on my way to get him
But really I’m no longer mad.”
I gaze at her confused and in disbelief
“Honestly, I’m just sickened with sadness to know
I’ll feel nothing but hate for them
And at the same time know
I’m exactly made in there likeness.”

We glance at each other for only a moment
Then I had to leave
I couldn’t take hearing it
But now I find myself wearing that same smile
That she wore
But when I pass her in the mirror
I can’t help but smirk for truth
Knowing, to just us the secret is known

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