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August 29, 2010
By surviver101 GOLD, Houston, Texas
surviver101 GOLD, Houston, Texas
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As a child I saw the world
It was beautiful and colorful and everything you hope for
But then something changed
I thought it was me I thought maybe this is what when you grow up
You began to lose your sight of what you love
All that’s beautiful and wonderful
I believe this for years that the picture I see now
Black and white filled with hatred and rage
Is the same beautiful place I know when I was young
Just I’ve changed and I’m color blind
But one day I just could no longer take seeing black and white
And broke down crying
“Let me help you” someone said
I stared at him in a state of aw
“Wow your beautiful” I mutter
And then I realized
He is color he is not plain
That’s when I recognized
We change but we change to see the world
For what it truly is instead of the color and happiness
The world is colorblind

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