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August 26, 2010
By Natherine PLATINUM, Lawrence, Massachusetts
Natherine PLATINUM, Lawrence, Massachusetts
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"everything happens for a a reason "

If being human is so great
then why do i think this way?
why do i want to leave my body and run?
why do i wish to be anything but human?
All i Want is what i cant have.
being human we have so many limitations
so many responsibilties we must attend to
all things i wish to be free from
the hate, the love,
the pain, deppresion.
Feelings that tend to overcome happiness.
Everyday i look for a new escape
and end up back where i started
in the middle of nowhere
with no directions
no home
no friends or family
just me alone
the way life intended
thats where i want to be
i dont want anything to hold me back
i dont want to care
to just be a soul roaming
with no destination, no goal, just to appreciate
the world around me
without having to be a part of it
why do i no longer want to be me?
becauuse i am not free

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