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Cursed Be The Fairy Tales

August 22, 2010
By WriterWithWings DIAMOND, Seneca, South Carolina
WriterWithWings DIAMOND, Seneca, South Carolina
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“Here is the test to find whether your mission on earth is finished. If you're alive, it isn't.”
"Love is a drug. a drug that distorts reality, and thats the point of it. No body would fall in love with someone who they really saw."
"Words and hea

Snow White was lying in her glass coffin when her prince found her,
A coffin made by her friends, though height they lacked of.
Couldn't bring themselves to bury her, that's the kind of friends they were,
And not even death could stop her awakening by a kiss from true love.
So in the end this princess got her happy ending with her charming Prince ,
And battling through all imaginable, even death, they live happily ever since.

A peasant servant made royal by true love by the name of Cinderella,
Going from her tattered, old cloths to the most beautiful adornments of blue.
With help from her Fairy Godmother and a pumpkin bigger than an umbrella,
But she came across a problem when she hadn't the chance to try on the shoe.
Her evil step mother locked Cinderella in a closet to ruin her chances,
But no worries, she too had her happy ending, like all fictional romances.

Princess Belle, a humble, smart-witted French maiden who's nose was always in a book,
Fell in love with a beast that was cursed by an Enchantress and depended on Love's kiss.
At first, she hated him, that is until curiosity caused her to explore his hidden away nook,
He swelled with anger but when in his last dying moment Belle admits that her love exists.
And with that said his curse was broken and he and his furnishings return to their true form,
So love managed to survive a curse and an angry village full, and the Beast was able to transform.

If Beauty and the Beast's tale of true love wasn't enough of defying all differences and odds,
When she met her own Prince Charming, Fa Mulan was dressed as a man, a soldier of all things.
She needed, desperately, to keep it a secret but when injured they must stop the bleeding with wads,
Wads of cloth on the wound, after removing her clothes, discovering her secret and choices it brings.
Li Shang, her love, must leave the lying Mulan behind with the possibility of the Huns finding her,
But nor did the inevitable ending of true love and happiness did this couples story deter.

No matter which princess, their stories all end in love and bliss,
How else would a fairy tale, that young girls would read, end?
If only real life were like that, true love, a prince, and a kiss
I've had that love once a long time ago, but I was playing pretend
But for the first time in my life, I may be approaching my true loves tale
I could someday walk down the aisle with a smile, a crown, and a innocent

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