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Unlike the Rest

August 12, 2010
By Angelkiss415 SILVER, Dewsbury, Other
Angelkiss415 SILVER, Dewsbury, Other
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He wore glasses,
Thick lens,

He was into comic books,
He admired super heroes

He was into science,
Never interested in sports,

He looked at galaxies,
Through his telescope,

He was bullied...
For not having,
A favorite football team,

On his wall,
Instead of naked chicks,
He had posters of his favorite cartoons,

He's never had his first kiss
Guys laugh at him,
For being scared to ask a hot chick out,

He was always,
The last to be invited to any club,
Or a party in town

People made jokes,
Because he was the only one,
That wouldn't drink,

Now, readers, listen
To my important words
About High School,

High School has turned into a joke,
70% of people,
Cannot be themselves at high School

High School is not a place,
For nerds, jocks or Goth’s
It's a place for everyone

No matter who they are,
If they stand out or if they don't
Who cares?

It's better to be unlike the rest,

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