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July 26, 2010
By SoftballPoet PLATINUM, Branson, Missouri
SoftballPoet PLATINUM, Branson, Missouri
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"Love is like a rubber band. When one person lets go, it hurts the other person who is still holding on."

If sex is just a 'game'
Then I am not a player
If you want it
You'll think it's unfair
But if you like me
You will understand
That I am lovely
Just the way I am
I am a virgin
And I am proud
So if you really love me
Don't jack around
Treat me right
Love me for real
Then you will understand
Just how I feel
I hate this 'game'
Just so you know
I'm the kind of girl
Who takes things slow
If you disagree
With what I say
Leave me alone
And go away
Still wanna 'play'
I don't really care
Get away from me
It's only fair
Understand what I'm saying
I hope you do
I am a virgin
Unlike you
So wait for me
If you can
It'll really be worth it

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