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Flight of Fear

August 4, 2010
By thecrystalbudz PLATINUM, Cincinnati, Ohio
thecrystalbudz PLATINUM, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Breath taking and heart clenching;
immobilized by my fear.
I could taste the sweat upon my face
when I saw the lights were near.

I've been afraid before, but not like this.
My hands gripped to the dashboard;
We were about to be chased
as if our arrest was a reward.

The Dodge was just sitting, no lights at all
with me in the front and a load in the back,
how easily the money could have been made;
we would have been stacked.

I had a bad feeling the whole night,
like a devil over my shoulder.
The fear I felt tonight
weighed on me like a ten ton boulder.

Speeding, trying to get farther;
passing up three red lights on the way.
Side by side an eighteen wheeler,
I thought I'd die this very day.

Going 40 over the speed limit
in the middle of the night.
As soon as the passenger climbed in the window,
the driver was ready to take flight.

Once we knew more lights were flashing,
the driver sped up even more.
We told him to pull over,
but he's saw the pen before.

He got out with his hands up
as we had lights flashed in our eyes.
I got out to be patted down
while I flooded them with lies.

Six piggies at the market
all staring us down.
I'm surprised the look in my face
never turned into a frown.

I've never liked or trusted police
because experiences that I've had.
I gave them another number
so I wouldn't be cussed out by my dad.

I said I didn't know what we were doing
because denial was my best bet.
I didn't want to go to jail
like the driver who still owes debt.

I was picked up from the station
and saw the passenger across the street.
I was pissed that we got caught,
but there was so much heat.

The scariest night of my life
was over as fast as it began.
Part of me is glad it's over,
the other part thinks I should have ran.

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