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June 27, 2010
By aliceoblivious PLATINUM, Florida, Florida
aliceoblivious PLATINUM, Florida, Florida
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his name is another story
another game to play
a silly lie to help
me forget where i went wrong
otherwise i cry into sleep
every damn night
regretting every move i made
the webs i've spun
the ones that caught me
strangling me blind to see
and that spiders bite
still has me paralyzed
lost in time, drained dry
where is the firefly
the angel dancing along
my midnight sky
to save me from this
nasty mess i'm in
arachnophobia has me spun
wrapped in sticky thread
too many stories
leaking from my pores
rotting from the poison
but i'm long past pain
never feeling again
i see past the skyline
blinded by the sea
dew drops in the morning light
false hopes from my shell
it hovers in the corners
watching me twitch
no escape from thousand eye
just an empty husk.
save me.

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