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Tequila and You

August 9, 2010
By brokendreamer GOLD, Otis, Maine
brokendreamer GOLD, Otis, Maine
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My mom once told me
About tequila
Smart and considerate
Strong and hard core
She said
You can get drunk
Off it in no time
As soon as she says this
My thoughts multiply
Not about drinking
But about how much
Tequila's description
Reminds me of
Or at least how I see you
Smart and considerate
Like how you chose me
To crush on
This hard
And the tequila?
You'd have to be smart
and considerate
To be dumb enough
TO consider drinking it
Strong and hard core
You were strong enough
To even try
TO get a grip on me
And we both worked hard
To keep a handle
On each other
Makes you drunk
In record time
After thinking
I'd consider it
Strong and hard core
If it can do that
But not even that
Can get me drunk
Just off your smile
Your warm
Caressing hands
And lips
Cradling my own
So thats how I compare
Two different things
and you

The author's comments:
True story, I swear

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