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italian tears

July 15, 2010
By ellebelly SILVER, Keller, Texas
ellebelly SILVER, Keller, Texas
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I thought he was perfect
He thought I was perfect too
He was so refreshing
He was something new
I really liked him
But he lived in Italy
And the biggest problem
Is he really liked me!
We live countries apart
But I would cross any sea
To get to see him again
To be happy instantly
I wanted to see him more
But I left the next day
As much as I wanted to
I knew I couldn't stay
He was just so perfect
With his cute accent
Just one look at him
I knew he was God sent
We could’ve danced the night away
If I didn’t have that curfew
I wanted to say allot more
Besides just "I’ll miss you"
Well this is what it comes to
Just me, myself, and I
Laying here on my floor
Writing this as I cry
It’s because of a feeling
That I had in my heart
That made me thinks that
We should never be apart

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