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Where is the Beauty?

July 23, 2010
By Bridie ELITE, Massapequa, New York
Bridie ELITE, Massapequa, New York
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Why don’t you hold me anymore?
Why don’t you lift me in the air?
Why don’t you spin me around?
As if, I meant the world to you
Now you let me come crashing down.
You said that you care
Don’t you miss me?
You were always going to be there.
You left with a light
You knew it would burn bright.
But with every lonely hour
Haunting dreams
And restless nights
That light flickers.
The light is too heavy
Drip…drip the poison rains
Making a pool of sorrow
That floods the light
Where is the Beauty now?

The author's comments:
I honestly feel like I've hit a wall. There's no where to turn. What do you do when at one point you're held so high and then within the next you're tossed aside. But the person doesn't realize that they did this. it could happen with best friends, Family members, and couples. Don't let the feeling of loss consume you. Instead stand up and talk to the person let them know what they did and how they feel. If they truly care then they will listen if not they are just not worth the tears and frustration.

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