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The Little Girl

July 13, 2010
By Polythene GOLD, St.petersburg, Florida
Polythene GOLD, St.petersburg, Florida
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"living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see."

the dark skin of the little girl is torn

and she pleads to me in foriegn tongue

to fix the damage done

she shivers and whimpers at the wipes

as i try to pick out the dirt and larvea

that have manefestid in the surrounding braids

the amount of force applied to this stranded child is unbearable

and i ask about her injury in broken spanish

prying from her trembling lips

with the help of my partner

i am to understand this was not an accident

this pain was inflicted with force and intent

i craddle the infant in my arms and cry with her

my tears are not from physical pain

only from knowing this is all i can do

so i spend the remander of the blistering tropical day

cuddling a small weeping dominican girl

and wishing i could mend her heart as well

The author's comments:
unfortunatly this IS based on a real event.
i spent a month in the D.R working in an orphanage.
i treated the little girl.
the picture is one i took of her.
she is still up for adoption along with her two older sisters.

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