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It's what you wanted

July 12, 2010
By katie_bugg GOLD, Scott Depot, West Virginia
katie_bugg GOLD, Scott Depot, West Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"But my heart, it is brighter than all the many stars in the sky"

-Edgar Allan Poe

You wanted a friend to make you laugh,
Make you happy,
And make the smiles last,
You wanted someone to make you shine,
Someone gleeful,
Someone happy all the time,
But the truth is I can’t be that way,
I can’t act cheerful all day,
I may not be the funniest,
But I’m a good friend,
And I promised you I would be there till the end,
So guess what I’ll be here till you say go,
And I won’t come back,
And maybe then you’ll know,
How much I meant to you,
And how much I craved your attention,
How much I admired you I won’t even mention,
No matter what I’ll wonder what I did wrong,
But was it really me, or was it you all along…

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