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Going through middle school

June 23, 2010
By Anelamailani GOLD, Vancouver, Washington
Anelamailani GOLD, Vancouver, Washington
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Hallways with lockers
Teachers with smiles
Students with binders
held in their hands.

8th graders look scary
7th graders look ok
6th graders look confused
On our very first day.

Middle Schools a new world
Harder work,
Lots more thinking
Teachers always show they care.

Suddenly everythings ok
The work is easier
Teachers are familiar
8th graders aren't that scary.

I relize now
it's a new school year,
7th grade....
It's just beginning.

Now you've got friends and teachers
helping you all the way
to make sure you don't struggle
every single day.

Lookin down the hall
I see younger kids.
They looked confused
They looked scared.

In the blink of an eye
I'm an 8th grader
Lookin down the 6th grade hall.

Suddenly you're standing
Surrounded by friends and teachers,
Relizing it's time to say goodbye.
It's the last day of school.

Middle school's over
Now it's time to move on
Leave you middle school drama behind and grow up a little.

A new hallway of lockers
New teachers with smiles
Freshman year is about to begin

A new school
A new world
A new year
A new beginning.

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