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The World in a Child's Eyes

June 23, 2010
By SocialCollision SILVER, Hampton, Georgia
SocialCollision SILVER, Hampton, Georgia
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As a grey night dawns
The world grows still and quiet
But somewhere, a light in a small house remains burning

In that small house a girl sits and silently ponders
She ponders everything, but she ponders nothing
Her mind is a whirlwind of scrambled thoughts
She’s trying to pick up bits and pieces of the clutter in her mind

She can’t quite clean her mind
It’s still marred by traces of agony, heartbreak, and sorrowful mourning
The agony of living with the feeling of never being good enough
Always feeling like you could be better if you were a different person

The heartbreak of the loss of someone you cherish
Someone you think will always be there for you
That special someone has become your worst enemy
They can’t relate to the hate that you feel for them

The sorrowful mourning of feeling like you lose a piece of yourself when someone leaves
Of feeling the sadness of losing a loved one
A friend, pet, mother, father, daughter, son, etc….

Slowly the light starts to fade
Her thoughts calm
And she sinks into the wonderful bliss of sleep
She sleeps dreamlessly for the first time in weeks
Making her silently aware that all of her worries are put to rest

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