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May 31, 2010
By PainandPleasures BRONZE, Lake Elsinore, California
PainandPleasures BRONZE, Lake Elsinore, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Be good to those around you and good shall come towards you."

The summer’s heat strikes Carrie’s bare back
Julian sits beside her
They’re bony limbs dangle into the creek
Freckles danced across their bodies

“Julian. Do you think we could fly?”
Carrie said as she looked into the sky.

“No.” He said lifeless.

“I want to. Do you want to do it with me?”

“People can’t fly.”

“I can.” Her eyes followed the birds that were
Dark speckles in the sky, knowing that she will
Soon be one of them.

He got up from the bushy floor, wondering what
The hell was going through Carrie’s mind
What he didn’t notice was that his jeans
Were stained of grass, leaving a mark of the
Day that Carrie died

The author's comments:
Become aware of those around you, maybe you can save a life.

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