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June 7, 2010
By Vanna-Rae GOLD, Bixby, Oklahoma
Vanna-Rae GOLD, Bixby, Oklahoma
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To the well organized mind death is the next greatest adventure.

Ice cold. No feeling inside
Numb just numb
Not even attempting to hide.
Let the tears crash
Let my pains hurt.
Let the fire in my heart burn
I feel sick with pain
Yet to numb to do anything
Its hurts to me
I have to concentrate to breathe
I’m crying out to you
“come back to me”
I know you can here me
Yet you choose to ignore
And you refuse to hear
Three little words
The ones that got me here.
The words that used to make me smile
Now they make my heart burn in fire.
So I look back on how it used to be
every time you said
I love you it meant nothing.
The realization doesn’t hurt
I guess I knew it all along
That you didn’t mean it and that I was wrong
I sing myself to sleep
Every single night
I squeeze my self in a hug
And pretend your there tonight
Its pathetic and its sad
Who knew you would mess me up this bad?

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