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To God, Where is the love?

May 22, 2010
By Angelkiss415 SILVER, Dewsbury, Other
Angelkiss415 SILVER, Dewsbury, Other
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To God
Love is hard to seek
If you want to know why
Then take a peek
At my life
Of terror and destruction
Everywhere I go
There is hate
And people getting hurt
There are innocent people dying
Crying out there
But nobody cares
Crimes are happening more and more
Cruelity is caused every day
But now its made into a joke
Dares thats what they are
Dares to cause people harm

I am not worth a thing to anyone
I will never accept rubbish off their tongues
I know they lie to me
All they want is to turn me into them
A poor sneaky little thief
With no heart
Who would steal a purse off a old lady
Pushing themselfs to be better
Acting hard in a gang
Showing off
Then stabbing a stranger in the streets

Back off!
I am normal!
They are not!

I won't be in prison like them
I will be left out
To be in misery
To be treated different
So where is the love?
Oh please tell me
Answer me God!
Answer me...
Where is the love?

The author's comments:
I wrote this thinking of people who just hated me for being me and being strong enough to stick up for myself

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