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May 21, 2010
By TheSummoningFreak PLATINUM, Lugoff, South Carolina
TheSummoningFreak PLATINUM, Lugoff, South Carolina
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if you can never let yourself fall you'll never know what it's like to love

loving him was like a drug.
i lived for it, i needed it,
he was good at first,
cared for me, loved me,
whispered sweet.
kind words for only me,
and then it started to get bad,
if i was ten minutes late,
he would demand.
to know where i was.
when my words wasn't good,
enough. he would hit me,
the first time was a shock,
he said he was sorry,
he said he wouldn't do it again,
i believed him.but he didn't stop.
he kept on beating me.
till i ended up,
in the hospital with broken bones,
he ended up behind bars,
he said he was sorry,
but he wasn't. how could you hurt someone.
you claimed to love?,
i don't think you can. so he didn't love me,
i was the one who got hurt,
so i put him and those broken bones,
behind me, for good,

The author's comments:
this poem is for the girl and woman who suffer from men who think they can treat you like your nothing we are all something, please comment and tell me what ya think of this poem...

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