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Silent Waves

May 30, 2010
By LiteraryJustice PLATINUM, Alexandria, Virginia
LiteraryJustice PLATINUM, Alexandria, Virginia
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Silence stretches out into an unknown void,
Silent, empty, disparate but dull noises that mean nothing, and fade away.
Oh, what a clear intuition one gains in the silence,
Oh, what a miracle to find one’s self.
Treading water in a tormenting sea,
Barely able to stay afloat and yet they strive superfluously with slight staggers, just to keep away
from that crushing, coalescing silence.
Dark waves and strong currents, the undertow catches you, and drags you down, down deep into
that lustful silence.
That crushing silence that can only bring insight,
To too many people, lost in a darkness and blind to sounds alone.
And so we wait, oh we wait, for that silence to be lifted,
Silence that can only be silenced,
By the requiem and the morning’s song.

The author's comments:
This piece was written to emulate Walt Whitman's style as well as to blow off some steam that I was harboring about current event in my life. I like to think that it has a hopeful ending to a somewhat depressing poem.

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