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Beyond Saving

June 5, 2010
By LuvLyf BRONZE, Brentford, Other
LuvLyf BRONZE, Brentford, Other
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Friends are like apples, even the ripest will someday grow rotten.

Behind closed doors you imagination goes wild,into overdrive where everything is a possibility
behind they're backs your lights go out; smashed by the sticks and stones they throw
Behind, on the other side of the clouds, you've got cuts all down
Deep inside it makes you frown, but you hide your emotions with a mask.
In the back of your head the ideas press on, forward and your conscience drowns
In the back of the cupboard the pills are daring you, and your reflection with its daintfull voice calling out and making that choice for you,
And on your chest it all seeps down, the razor sharp effects like deadly hounds, the voices, whispers, tempting calls, are all watching.
Your world shrinks small after every jab,
Your eyes fall heavy as you lose yourself out of this nightmarish world and into one with serenity.
In the end you snap out of your delusion, hungry for more, thirsty for another.
And your temptation takes over.
You take more doses.
And more.
Your veins turn blue and the substance runs thick in your blood.
Slowly you kneel down, frozen, silent.
Your body fights back but you will it not to; held back by the bars I try to remind you of the one thing worth fighting for: love.
But it doesn't work, it never had.

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