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Lonely Beach

June 4, 2010
By bookworm266 GOLD, Urbana, Indiana
bookworm266 GOLD, Urbana, Indiana
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Lonely Beach

The dark waves
Pound the shore

While the gulls
Shriek ahead

The sand is dirty
Not a nice clean white

The beach smells
Like rotten fish

And seaweed
Is scattered on the beach

Great big smelly
Globs of it

To pull you in

The sea is dark
And uninviting

Like a monster
That wants to eat you

A rotten pile
Of wood

Stands still
Condemned to death

This dark lonely beach
Used to be beautiful

And that hunk of wood
And rusted metal

Used to be a pier with
arcades, movies, and restaurants

Children used to play
On it’s beaches

They used to make
Sand castles

That they

With seaweed
And sea shells

That the
Waves washed up

It used to have
Beautiful white beaches

And gentle rolling waves
But that was years ago

Before the
Shark attack

Now no one goes in
And if they do

They run out screaming
Because of the cold water

Most people like
To sit and play

On the beach
That’s a mile away

And swimming

And building sand castles

But I love that
Lonely beach

No one goes there
But me

I can stop
And think

About when I
Get older

How I will
Bring my kids here

To walk
Along the beach

And maybe
Then people

Will forget
About the shark

And play there

But until then
I will have to do

The author's comments:
I don't know what inspired to me write this.

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