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May 29, 2010
By LegendTitan30 GOLD, Parker, Colorado
LegendTitan30 GOLD, Parker, Colorado
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"Anything is possible once you set your mind to it"

You are my strength,
When all of mine is taken,
You give me confidence,
When she tears me down,
You love me,
When I hate everything and everyone,
You are my only reason,
To laugh or smile,
To stay here,
To do my best in school,
To score a goal at every game,
To go to practice,
When everyone judges,
You are there just to give me the thumbs up,
I am happy,
Because you understand me,
When no one else does,
When I want to go the easy way,
You make me go the right way,
When I want to run away forever,
I think of losing you and I stop packing,
When I want to end my book,
You at more chapters,
Daddy I couldn't survive without you.

The author's comments:
The only reason I am able to get through my day is my dad. Sometimes I have no one else to turn too but my dad is there with open arms. I am so thankful to have my dad. :) I love you Daddy

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