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Tick Ticking

May 25, 2010
By when_we_were_thieves GOLD, Boise, Idaho
when_we_were_thieves GOLD, Boise, Idaho
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I hang in the classroom
A tick ticking away
Students glance at me and groan
I’m sorry, I try to say
I wish I could make time fly when you want
And make it stop if you want
But it’s not how I’m supposed to work
I wish I could make the kids happy
This poor school could use some smiles…
I’ve been here 11 years and counting
Teacher and I have been here 11 years and counting
You’d assume we’d be fond of each other,
But Teacher pretty much has me memorized
Teacher has people to see places to go
I wish I had places to go and faces to see
I’ve grown sick of Teacher actually
She is shrewish and ancient
Her skin is as gray as the skin of the children’s fruit last week
Teacher repeats the same worthless words every year
She sits in her high chair, a tick ticking away
We should trade positions her and I
But Teacher sits there
Tick ticking away
I’d be the best Teacher ever
I know the curriculum inside and out
And I know how to make the kids happy
Teacher would be hanging like I am now
Tick ticking away
I don’t deserve this!
Teacher does! The students would love me,
They would never want to look at time ever again!
They would want to be in my class for all the time in the world
I yell this at Teacher to the rhythm of my tick ticking
But nothing happens
She sits there in her high chair
And I on the wall
A tick ticking away.

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