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Five Little Letters

May 24, 2010
By shira.e. SILVER, Los Angeles, California
shira.e. SILVER, Los Angeles, California
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Do you ever wonder what life would be without them?
How you would lace up your red high-tops?
Or hit the send button on a text?

On their ten tips lies the weight of history;
All war, assassination and rebellion,
revolution, achievement and progress.

And what do you do with them?
Polish them in Fiji or Big Apple Red,
adorn them in vintage cocktail rings,
and mark them with Xs to remember school books or appointments.

Do you still use them to add and subtract under your desk?
Or ruthlessly chew away anxiety?

Do you lend one to friend in need?
Or look away, uselessly crossing them against your chest?

In them lies the power to convey
hate or love,
by flipping the bird,
or stroking her hair.

Such power,
such potential,
to preserve life,
with a stitching needle,
or take it,
with a tugging trigger.

So many choices.
So many possibilities.
What will it be?

You decide.

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