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Just You

May 24, 2010
By brokendreamer GOLD, Otis, Maine
brokendreamer GOLD, Otis, Maine
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I couldn’t wait
For my weekend to start
Just hang out with friends
Just be myself
Just see you

We walk down the road
All the way to the skate park
There, we only see two girls
You’re not there, and are nowhere to be seen
It makes me really sad you aren’t there
Because now I can’t just see you

Then I look
And there you are
A wide grin spreads across my face
And then you’re here
On the top of the ramp
Just sitting next to me
And I just see you

It’s really hot, I wished I’d dressed cooler
You pass me your hat and jersey to wear
Number five, Kevin G.
Black and purple fox hat
I can’t believe I’m wearing them
I just feel you

We go to the play equipment
And play spin the bottle
Cassie spins
Then Tori
Then me
The bottle spins
Round and round
It finally stops
It points at you
And just you

You lean in
I follow your lead
Our lips meet
While I’m blushing like crazy
It’s not our first kiss
No, that happened the day before
But it’s not our last either
I spin the bottle on my next turn
And it spins
It seems to take forever
Or maybe I’m just anxious
Who knows now, it’s love
Or at least for me
It finally stops
And I only see you

At the end of the day
We’re both burned like lobsters
I love you
You show nothing
But one thing I’m sure about
It’s just about you

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