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Broken Friendship

May 18, 2010
By ninian SILVER, Alexandria, Virginia
ninian SILVER, Alexandria, Virginia
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i tried so hard to save our Friendship
but somehow i failed miserably
did SHE tell you to hate me
to stop smiling and talking to me
or did I do something wrong
did i offend you by hugging other guys
by laughing and walking with them
or did i bore you
your smiles left as you saw me
your laughters died as i joined in
and your hugs became "pats-on-the-back"
i tried to smile more, be nicer
i told you i held a long conversation with another quiet guy
and you got pissed off
it's not like i have a boyfriend for you to be jealous
so why do you hate me
you glare at me with Icy, Cold eyes every time i pass
or you turn the other way
while i try to figure out what i did wrong
my Heart broke when you stopped talking to me
i try to piece it back together
but everytime i think of YOU
and our Broken Friendship
it's like a gust of wind that blows the pieces
messing it up and making it harder for me to piece it back together
but i want to let YOU know
that I care for You
that I'm still here for You
no matter how many times You ignore me

The author's comments:
i almost crashed into him in school and them sat down and wrote this...

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