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May 18, 2010
By ninian SILVER, Alexandria, Virginia
ninian SILVER, Alexandria, Virginia
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Looking up at the sky
I see wispy clouds go by
They go fast
One second here
The next, gone
Just like you
4th month after you left
4th month after our last hug
And 4th month after our last goodbye
I stare and stare at the sky
Wondering if you'll ever come back
Gray skies start to come
Just like the feeling of emptiness in me
Rain starts to fall
Just like the tears from my eyes
What's the point of taking cover
If you know it'll pass
What's the point of hoping
When I know you won't come back
I stick my hand out
And catch drops
Stare at them
Hoping for something
I look into them
And feel your warmth
Hear your voice
And see your smile
An istant flash of lightning
And your gone
A second time you dessert me
Tears mix with rain
Emptiness and loneliness with dark skies
And rage and sorrow with lightning
I let the drop fall
As I let our friendship go
I start to walk again
Trying to forget you
But at the same time
Searching frantically in my head
For anything that reminds me of you
Everything dissapears
Lightning blinds me
And in the whiteness
I see you
Then I forget you
I love and miss you friend

The author's comments:
this is written in memory of my friend that moved back to his homeland...

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