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It Was Beautiful

May 16, 2010
By SimplySloan PLATINUM, Downingtown, Pennsylvania
SimplySloan PLATINUM, Downingtown, Pennsylvania
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You have the ability to be great
You just need to find the strength.*-Me

You can't just wish for happiness and magically receive it, you have to do something for yourself, to feel it.*-Me

I traced a maple leaf, with my finger tips
I felt into its every crevasse, I even felt it with my lips
It was so beautiful
Nothing like it have I ever felt or seen before
With vivid colors, they protrude like neon
I couldn’t wait to see fall in full action
For little things like these
So many different strands of nature running through its veins
Blue, purple, yellow, green
It was driving me insane
Orange took the edge
As red, it oozed on in
Creating images of creativity, running throughout my brain*

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