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On Fire

May 20, 2010
By angellovesyou BRONZE, Ruskin, Florida
angellovesyou BRONZE, Ruskin, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
keep on going, never give up.

We started as a spark and became a flame witch became a

Fire inside of my sole and will stay lit
Forever as long as I’m with you
Never have I been in love before
And I don’t think I could love again after you
You are the best thing in my life
You know everything I go through
Or am currently going through
You’re the only person I feel like I could go to
And tell that something was bothering me
I’m sorry for putting so much on you
I just don’t know who to go to
And they would actually care
About what I was saying or feeling
You are the only one I feel like I could ever tell you
What was going on in my life
I love you so much and I’m sorry
That I put all my problems on you
I just feel like you care and no one else does
But I’m sorry
And thank you for being there for me
Not many people are
I just can’t say it enough
Thank you and I love you
With all my heart and everything that fills it

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