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Love Stance

May 10, 2010
By GoogleYourFace PLATINUM, Tayor, Texas
GoogleYourFace PLATINUM, Tayor, Texas
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"You said I wouldn't get to far on a tank of gas and an empty heart, but I've got everything I'll ever need. I've got this old guitar and a brand new set of strings."
--Miranda Lambert "New Strings"

Loving will hurt her
She's taken the chance
She's fallen in love
Taken her stance

She knows what could happen
Still she plays the game
It might just be her
Whose clinically insane

She holds me close
Praying I won't disappear
Her arms around my waist
Loving without fear

So protective
Of her little princess
Of something so breakable
Her little emo mess

She whispers I love you
And falls in love so fast
She loves royalty
Hopefully love will last

Loving will hurt her
This she knows
But she loves her princess
That's how the story goes.

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