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Perfect Propaganda

May 6, 2010
By RobertoO PLATINUM, Barrington Hills, Illinois
RobertoO PLATINUM, Barrington Hills, Illinois
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The bleakness of society,
The false images that spread,
Through the media,
Broadcasted throughout,
Creating a Massive illusion,
Which seems to be a solution,
To a problem that never existed.

The true problem,
Remains ingnored,
As it devistates,
those around us,
A masking flag is lifted,
As we jump up,
to seemingly take a stand.

The flag is a shield,
A sense of protection,
A sense that we our perfect,
as we give our opinions,
Never acting upon them,
Just whining excuses,
Blaming everyone else,
For a problem,
We can gradually fix,
If we just leave our massive egos,
And admit our own mistakes.

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