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An Ode to Tatia Marie

May 8, 2010
By Jay-bee GOLD, Hampton, Virginia
Jay-bee GOLD, Hampton, Virginia
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To a being that displays great beauty;
A being filled with so much love that no antagonizing spirit can interfere with her powers;
to this being,
a strong woman,
so selfless…
so selfless in fact, that
she continuously refuses to place herself first before her children[ under any circumstance].
To this woman who deserves the true and full title of being a “mother”
When she is the topic of conversation,
The term, “mother” suddenly becomes an understatement.
Is it truly possible for a woman so strong and loving,
a woman who raised her children in the absence of their father,
only to be called a “mother” or
“just another single and hardworking parent”?
The answer to this puzzling question is “no.”
To the rest of the world,
That may be what she appears to be.
In my eyes,
She’s incredibly more than that.
We could have easily been living our lives by walking from street to street,
Having to suffer many days of disappointment
only to repeat the agony of those who aren’t blessed to have…
a “mother”;
an angel.
But where are we sitting now?
In a home,
surrounded by her love;
A place where she accepts us,
Imperfections and all…
This woman,
a divine being that I’m lucky to have,
is my inspiration.
This woman,
is Tatia Marie B.

The author's comments:
Happy mother's day!

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