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Ocean Blue And Mixed Maroon

May 8, 2010
By Angelkiss415 SILVER, Dewsbury, Other
Angelkiss415 SILVER, Dewsbury, Other
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I almost die of excitement,
Of seeing his blues eyes
that shine and sparkle
The most brightest blue like,
looking deep into the ocean
Its like taking a visit to the aquarium
But only seeing one type of fish
The angel fish
Deep within him he is an angel

Longing to look at his hair
So wonderful to see
The beauty of his brown hair
Different shades
Its mind blowing
With such maroon mixtures
The brown and the blue
My two favourite colours

Lost for words
When he walks
The sound he makes when he talks
The sound that makes my heart go
Boom, boom, boom
When I hear that sound
I know he has splited open my chest
My heart hanging out
Hanging loose on its heart strings
Reaching out to heaven
The heaven which is the angel

He treats me well
As you can tell
The sound of his voice so gentle, kind and thoughtful
He likes to be clever not to lose his temper
Not to spin a chair or slamb a door
Not to stamp his foot or to scream his lungs out

In every room he walks in
The room cheers itself up
Brightens up from feeling empty
Becomes full of energy and life like him
Jolly, happy and chatty like he is
He is my most interest

I won't let him snatch my heart
Instead I will give it to him to keep in his arms
The moment he lets me have his heart
Will be the moment when I realise he loves me

The author's comments:
I wrote about a man I fell deeply in love with. I could never get over him so I wrote a poem about him

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