April 29, 2010
By HunterGirl_58 GOLD, Los Lunas, New Mexico
HunterGirl_58 GOLD, Los Lunas, New Mexico
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Favorite Quote:
"If this is what it takes to get there. . . . then BRING ON THE PAIN!!!"

Let’s jump in a river,
Without getting wet.
Let’s fall in love,
Without the silly games.
Let’s run around,
Without moving our feet.
Let’s sing a song,
Without the words.
Let’s start a fight,
Without the hate.
Let’s scream a secret,
Without there name.
Let’s start a fire,
Without getting burnt.
Let’s be our self,
Without being judged.
Let’s make peace,
Without the war.
Lets live a year,
Without getting old.

Let’s take a chance,
Without regrets.

Let’s rock the boat,
Without falling off.

Let’s play a game,
Without a winner.

Let’s live a life,
With love, faith and hope!

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