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A Friendship Lie

May 5, 2010
By alaskan_gurl26 SILVER, Bethel, Alaska
alaskan_gurl26 SILVER, Bethel, Alaska
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"The feeling you feel when your in love with someone that you cannot explain, is only what God can explain that no human can figure out." -Sabrina Moses

Passing by the park of dreams,
Equal poles and opposite.
Met and chatted all the way,
We’ve done everything best friends would do.
Strange now to remember our past.
Walking through a field of mines,
While hearing rocks,
To the ground.
As the mine is full of evil scary sacred sinning souls...
I never knew you were one of them,
Until now.
Strange to think of it today.
Dreams that pass beyond the fog,
Reaching forgiveness every now and then.
Looking back down with a secret smile.
Strange to think our WHOLE friendship,
Was a lie!

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