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Wasting Away

May 5, 2010
By Butterfly458 PLATINUM, Claymont, Delaware
Butterfly458 PLATINUM, Claymont, Delaware
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Life is short, Art is long. Don't rush your creativity. The longer it takes the better it'll be. It took me almost a month to write my poem "The posionious apple pie".

You're leaving
Wasting away before my eyes
Your skin turns pale
Your eyes reamin that same shade of dark brown
You have hope you'll beat this fight
Give cancer a rub for its money
But I'm afraid
Afraid I'll lose you
My best friend for so many years
We laughed at your sixteenth birthday party when Alex tripped and fell into the swimming pool
We cryed the night your boyfriend broke up with you because you're losing your long pretty hair
The days come and go
You're even sicker then a week ago
You can bairly stand on your own
I can't tyake seeing you like this
Helpless when you're alone
My voice crackel
"Let go, I'll be ok"
You look at me
And for the first time in months
You smile
Saying three simple words
"I love you"
The next morning is when your heart stopped
You mom cried and sobbed
Asking God why he took you from us
I cry too
Not from sadness
But from knowing you're happier
I let the tears fall
But I don't speak
My heart aches though
I miss you
I always will
But I'm glad you're up there
In heaven
Wacthing over me
Guiding me with an invisable hand
I sate out the window of your room
"I love you" I wispered
A wind
Soft and sweet
Blew theough the opened window
And then a voice
As sweet and soft as the wind
"I love you too" It said

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