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May 4, 2010
By LegendTitan30 GOLD, Parker, Colorado
LegendTitan30 GOLD, Parker, Colorado
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My Brother,
his name?
he is perfect,
he makes an effect,
and has me reflect everyday,
even though he is perfect,
he somehow has time,
to climb to the top,
he has not stopped,
climbing to the top,
I dream of being like him,
with his grades and skills,
I team up with him,
he is never wrong,
along everything he is,
he is strong,
never wrong,
I dream of being like him.

The author's comments:
My big brother is the perfect human being. He is a great student and a AMAZING lacrosse player. My brother is a lot to live up too. He is modest, and smart, something that I wish I was. My brother is an amazing person, he is truly my Idle :) I love you Tyler

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