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Boyscout Camp and Boredom

May 4, 2010
By BeautifulRescue GOLD, Olathe, Kansas
BeautifulRescue GOLD, Olathe, Kansas
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I've been jumping from the tops of buildings...

At Boy Scout Camp I hope
that you are having fun,
and earning all your badges,
but not getting too much sun.

I bet you will get to
run and jump and climb,
and hopefully the camp food
is not exotic slime.

I wonder what you are
doing this very moment,
but I know it’s probably better
than writing about a kings judgment.

That is what I happen
to be doing right now.
I have to describe the events of my book,
where it happened, and how.

I must say that this English
homework is very dull.
When I finally get myself focused,
away my attention starts to pull.

But never you mind
that I’m a little bored,
just focus on your camp
and everything left to be explored.

Some other news that
I also wanted to say,
Is that our across the street neighbor Becky
got a puppy named Yuki yesterday.

Yuki is a Yorkie
and Maltese mix.
She is very young and small,
and does not know many tricks.

You will have to meet her
as soon as you come back.
She is super sweet and adorable,
and her energy does not lack.

I hope you have enjoyed
every silly little rhyme,
because for me it is now
English homework time.

I decided to write this poem,
because I miss you,
and everyone at home
misses you too.

I cannot wait until Sunday
when I get to visit you,
because I am very curious about
where you stay and what you do.

Now I must
finally say
goodbye for now,
and have a nice day.

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