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Dream vs. Nightmare

May 4, 2010
By Butterfly458 PLATINUM, Claymont, Delaware
Butterfly458 PLATINUM, Claymont, Delaware
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Life is short, Art is long. Don't rush your creativity. The longer it takes the better it'll be. It took me almost a month to write my poem "The posionious apple pie".

Waves crash against the jagged rocks
Blue as the open sky
Not a cloud in sight
Sand as warm as the air around you
The sun shines down on you
Causing your skin to glow
The sunscreen you put on
Causing it to sparkle
How can this day get any better?
Seagulls over head scream for food
But you know that if you put your food out
They’ll eat it and laugh at you as they fly away
Towards another victim
Waiting for them to make the same mistake you did
The surf looks inviting
You shed your white sundress and head towards them
As you paddle out father,
Your dream turns into a sudden nightmare
The sun recedes
The sky turns to a dark grey
The color of her eyes when she was mad at someone
The waves begin to crash over your head
You try to breath
But all you get in return is salt water
Pouring down your throat
Into your lungs
Burning your throat and choking you
You scream to the sky

Your home
In bed
The cold blue sheets tangled around your legs
What happened?
Your brain is on high alert now
As you look over at your night stand
The picture of you and your little sister
Sitting there
Staring back at you
Tears sting your eyes
And all you can do is let them fall
She’s gone
You don’t know
All you hope
Is that she’s happy and at peace
The world
And most of all
I’m sorry Abigail
You whisper these three simple words
Hoping they make it to her
Where ever she is
You hope she receives them
Like a well meaning present on
Before you can react
A gush of wind
Wipes through your window
You can hear a soft young voice
I forgive you it says
That’s all you needed to hear
And you shall receive

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