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Important 1

April 27, 2010
By Shanaya. SILVER, New Haven, Connecticut
Shanaya. SILVER, New Haven, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
Never judge a book by its cover.

The important thing about me is.…..

Im unique

I go by the name of Shanaya Crystal

Im 102 lbs. And yes gotdamnit I have acne, and I have learned to live w/ it. My flaws are what make me who I am .

Sometimes when im around a certain amount of people I laugh for no reason.

My best friends shall never be my worst enemies because our laughter over powers our arguments.

I am a hilarious freshman female w/ great people skills, and naturally friendly to those around me.

But sometimes, no scratch that, all the time, I cry more than laugh, and that my friends is called being fragile.

I am a creative writer because paper and ink are kind of like my body and soul, they speak for me because ive been known to grow silent.

I consider myself smarter and more mature then I should be at this age.

I’ve been known not to stand up for myself, so bullies have become my worst enemies because if you haven’t noticed. They never pick on anyone there own size.

Algebra and I are like cat and dog. We HATE each other,

In this room lies my freshman love. He walks the halls w/ the name Leon. Why we aren’t together anymore or if I lost my prince charming because I was being a wicked witch. The world may never know.

I am in love w/ scary movies, and Justin Combs.

I obsess over bright colors,

And sometimes I use my mouth and trash comes out, but only when im upset.

Heartbreak has become my number one fear because my self esteem isn’t exactly at a level ten right now.

The only thing I eat is McDonalds and one day we WILL get married.

Sometimes I use the word crap more then I should

And just about all the time I talk like im texting

I am unique because I stand out

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