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Ere I go

April 3, 2010
By marquieleelatham SILVER, Bangkok, Other
marquieleelatham SILVER, Bangkok, Other
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Fluttering eyelids gaze into the pale rose sunset
His honey colored eyes dip into mine
Golden dust swirl in my pores like dust pans
Unchaining locked doors, unshackling the realms of my soul
Abandoned doubt, stripped away, discarded on the floor

Fear lurks beyond fascination, I confess
A veil withering within my bosom
Beating, like an alibi thumping like a pedestal
Your love, like a chalice of poison raised to my lips
My lips yearn to devour, to taste it with my tongue
The delicious summer’s blood pulsing through my veins
Lighting a brushfire in my blood as I gaze into your eyes
I part my lips, surrender my tongue
Close my eyes, a thunder ripping through my soul
I taste the delicious poison of your love,
Feeling it light a brushfire in my veins
Atop my ivory skin, golden dust swirls
I brace myself, ready to risk this, ere I go

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