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First Date

April 25, 2010
By PoeticTwirler PLATINUM, Wantagh, New York
PoeticTwirler PLATINUM, Wantagh, New York
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Men in green suits appeared on the screen

People in stripped pajamas appeared

I sad and feared

Rested my face on your shoulder

You rested your head

On top of mine

Reassuring me

I knew I would be alright

The screen went blank

The lights turned on

My head still on your shoulder

I did not wanted to get up

Within the white Cadillac

We sat close

We sat closer

You took my hand

You held my hand


I held your hand back

Tight, and I smiled at you

We got your house

Sadly emerged from the car

Entered the house

And walked in oddly

We stood side by side


You asked if I want to go to your room

I nodded and smiled

As we walked up the stairs

All eyes were on us

Not very comfortable

Very odd

We sat on your bed

Your eyes on me

You didn’t knew I knew

But I did

Minutes passed and the T.V went on

I lied on a pillow next to you

One arm under my head

The other resting on your leg

You moved your hand slowly

You took my hand

And held it tight

I moved my head to your leg

You got comfortable

And relaxed

And lied down

Behind me

The time that came

Made both of us sad

I had to leave

But I didn’t want to

I stood up slowly

You stood up slowly

“Gonna hug me?” I said

You came close to me

You put your arms around me

I put my arms around you

I lifted my head to see your face

You kissed me

I said goodnight

And walked out of your room

I knew that your eyes

Were on me

You made that night

A night to remember

A night you will remember

A night I will remember

The author's comments:
Every girl has had their first date with somebody special and this is my depiction of my first date. I hope you enjoy!

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