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How to Save a Life

April 14, 2010
By doom-hope GOLD, Monte Vista, Colorado
doom-hope GOLD, Monte Vista, Colorado
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Great way
Great life
Great taste
You tell yourself that everyday
But I know that you are truly dead
And how could that make you happy
Sure you smile is the brightest
And your laugh the loudest
But your heart hurts the most
Beats the least
And it’s been painted over black
You’ve created a beast
Took your own life. . .
Well, not quite yet
But I know
You’re as good as dead
Your smile is fake
And your laugh robotic
Not joyous
Not happy
It is routine
It is a habit
Not part of your true soul
Your true tortured soul
I’m sorry I’ve forsaken you
I’m sorry I’ve let you die
But I have poison in my veins
I’d rather them run dry
Then let you drink it
You could have died
How close, came I?

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