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tie the eagle to my spne and let it ride out

April 4, 2010
By Ryann BRONZE, Bolingbrook, Illinois
Ryann BRONZE, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"Millions of forces of physics and providence teamed up and brought us all here."

I'll spend my life by the ocean counting stones,
Alone but not lonely, feeling at home and watching them grin.
I begin to hear my own thoughts, and stop drowning in the air,
Where you left it on the rocks to weigh it all down.
They found it spinning in the trees, but I never took it in,
Its twin berry leaves and twigs all in a pile, stuck on my bed.
My head spins, cold shrines, and still, I leave you, laughing;
Graphing chains of dates, but your face never changed,
So I exchanged it for the better, now thinking of the worst.
The sunburst reverses when the animals come...
Some retinas burn, the eyes dry out fast
They're tear-gassed and healing, quitting for sleep.
All knee-deep in the home, the yielding was thrown;
Our own place, our own floor, our table is yours.
Oars and deer, sleeping together,
Tethered to the mast, the ship rides out as I count.

The author's comments:
I wrote this while listening to From Stardust To Sentience by High Places, my favorite song.

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