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Deep Within The Ocean

April 6, 2010
By sakurasnowflake GOLD, Westborough, Massachusetts
sakurasnowflake GOLD, Westborough, Massachusetts
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"As long as I live I will have control over my being"
By: Artemisia Gentileschi

the ocean of beautiful waves
it holds what lies deep within me
lies intact under the pressuring heat
holds down as i climb in
ripples of tides wash against me
i go deep inside to venture about
to find sunken treasure or unknown knowledge
since the ocean is a mystery
the elegant colored fish surround me
singing their bewitching thoughts into my mind
they carry me into an exquisite world
dazzling me with their angelic movement
we travel around through the luminous light
that fills the ocean enlightening our path
a gate lies up ahead
made of bright green kelp
it opens up to us, only us
what we see in front is a sight like no other
filled with magical beings of all sorts
we stare in awe and curiosity
as we see their faces full of laughter
they swim past us above us below us and beside us
as we travel encompassing this new realm
twirling swirling jumping in joy
zipping through the ocean in lightning speed
we head deep into the trenches
whirling past more treasures and antiques millions old
we realize this was a mistake none too late
i shoot upwards as darkness claws at me
tension fills me, i close my eyes
once reaching safety i slowly allow them to open
i see that once again i am at the surface
gently floating up and down with the waves that engulf me
realizing i had withdrawn from the ocean
my ocean friends nowhere to be seen
a flash of light quickly withholds me in its grasp
once again i shut my eyes
entrapped in the light that had enclosed me
this time i unlock my eyes
to see i am lying on the grainy sand of the beach
as the people around me dance with glee
no sooner than late
i realize my adventure spent in the ocean
was just a distant dream
which lies beyond the horizon

The author's comments:
I wrote my poem about the ocean, because watching the waves is sort of like mediating for me. It feels so peaceful.

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