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What makes her a woman?

April 2, 2010
By Nnedimma2 SILVER, Arlington, Texas
Nnedimma2 SILVER, Arlington, Texas
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You left me for her?
Because she's a “woman”?
So tell me what makes her a woman?
Is it the maturity of her mind or the maturity of her sexuality?
The confidence in her walk or the shortness of her skirt?
The arch in her back or the spreading of her legs?
The strength of her love or its mediocrity?
Is it her subtility or her conspicuity?
The integrity in her demeanor or her obscenity.
The intensity of her thinking or the shallowness of her surmises.
See what you have is a girl pretending to be a woman.
So really what you did was leave a real woman for a girl.
I can't call that intelligent.
I cant call you a man either because really all you are is a boy pretending to be a man.
So I guess you both deserve each other.

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