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The Last of Our Days

March 22, 2010
By ThundersSunshine BRONZE, Hamilton, Ohio
ThundersSunshine BRONZE, Hamilton, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
The scars we have do not hold us back but the person wearing them do.

All the tears we shed
The dreams we have had
The growing up we have done
We're finally here
The highlight of all our years
the time to grow up, move on and move out
we're on our own now
through everything we went through and everything we will go through
All the achievements we have made, the mistakes that made our lives
I was with you through all of it
I held your hand when things go rough, I wiped our tears away, we made the laughter block out the world
but here we are coming up to the end of this dirt beaten path
I don't want to say goodbye, not yet
We grew up together, we saw each others flaw and it didn't matter one bit
We saw the worst out of each other and we made it better
You saw me when I couldn't take it any longer
There had been some fights from time to time but not enough to break us up
We got lost in those boys eyes
We found and lost our Savior over and over again
We found ourselves
we lost our friends and loved ones
We lost our balance
but we were always there to pick each other up
We will be the the grown-ups, we will sit high on our throne and we will be the ones they look up to

The author's comments:
My group had the topic of Edgewood High School and what goes on in high school, I was originally supposed to have the yearbook club but I decided to do Senior year. I was inspired because it’s my senior year and we got to make this year count more than the other three. We get to leave our mom’s and dad’s and step in to the real world instead of under their roof.

We made pictures out of the our poem and I did and cap with the tassel saying Sen10rs. This poem was really hard at first because I tried to do the yearbook topic but I didn’t really get a good vibe for that so I changed it to make it more emotional.

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